Dandelion Ranch Goes Napa!

Breaking news: we recently debuted our Napa Valley Branch! We’re going to be doing more parties and floral arranging in Napa!


Partnering with Chef Misty of Getting Fresh with Misty, Clover and Adrienne headed up to Napa Valley this summer for an outdoor garden party for the one and only Kate Spade.

Check out the view from our new Napa barn – what a peaceful setting and a wonderful place to create!

photo (51)

photo (50)

Our theme for this special occasion was country time lemonade. To bring this vision to life, we chose gorgeous lemon-colored garden roses, tomato red dahlias, blue thistle, chamomile, black-eyed Susan rudebekia, cottage yarrow, scabiosa, and poppies (Kate’s favorite).  More on our trip to the San Francisco mart later!

Clover was so excited to be back in Napa, her home for a decade! And it was Adrienne’s first time there.

First stop, dinner; when in Napa, do what Napanians do.

photo (43)


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