Napa Part 2: Party time!

The wonderful Kate Spade hosted a garden party in her back yard. We gathered and prepped our flowers for mis en place; designing two looks in 25 jelly jars of different sizes to go down the length of the table. Here are some highlights!

clover working againadding red dahliasclover smiling with look 1color palette

The party looked amazing!

Clover put the final touches on all the arrangements while Kato pretended to be you-know-who. What a spectacular event!

photo (49)

photo (48)

After the event, we were so hungry we went to Bistro Jeanty and had a dinner to die for! The dishes kept on coming and Adrienne tried her first snail! Dinner was so amazing and because we were at a French bistro, we paired our meal with a glass of Meursault Les Chevalieres and Clos des Forets Saint Georges.

photo (54)

We are so excited to return next summer for more NorCal adventures and events! And next time we’ll have to try some local grapes!photo (55)

clover adrienne and kato dinner at Bistro Jeanty


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