How To Do Amazing Tin Can Flowers the Dandelion Ranch Way

When Jaimee and Greg told us they wanted a country-themed rustic wedding reception using containers like juleps and jelly jars, we thought…Rustic wedding? What could be better than incorporating tin cans?!  They make great containers, plus they’re cost effective and you’re recycling!

Here’s how we got the look using blue and yellow flowers, including Jaimee’s favorite: baby daisies.

Step One: Gather or purchase various-sized cans (save the contents, and come up with different canned food recipes!) Clean and remove all labels.

Dandelion Ranch How to 1

Step Two: Cut your ingredients in proportion to each can.

Dandelion Ranch How to 1.1

Step Three: Arrange each ingredient in relation to their personality. Jaimee asked for poofs of hydrangea and airy mounds of daisy mums.

Dandelion Ranch How to 2.1Dandelion Ranch How To 3Dandelion Ranch How To 2

Step Four: Decide on a layout of the arrangements. We mixed in tin cans in with full floral arrangements in jelly jars and julep cups.

Dandelion Ranch How to 4a

Step Five: Set the table!

Dandelion Ranch Table Setting jelly jars and tin cans 2

Step Six is the best part: Have a fabulous party!

Jaimee and Greg hosted their beautiful day at Rancho del Diablo Dormido — it’s such a perfect spot and we couldn’t be more happy for them!

jaimee bou


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