Infinite possibilities — the Dandelion Ranch Garden Screen

We’re bringing nature indoors with our signature Garden Screens!

summer screen

Inspired by Clover’s childhood memories of road trips, sitting in the back seat watching weeds pass by, the Garden Screen creates that brisk feeling of a slice of a meadow, just as it fades from vision.

clover designing screen

Because they’re created based on the way things grow no two screens are alike!

 From small screen gift deliveries for desk and tabletops…

Easter Garden Screen

  Organic garden screen

harvest garden screen

to larger, long-lasting screens used as fireplace mantles and room dividers.

kerner fireplace screen

Kerner Fireplace screen close up

We vary the ingredients for each arrangement, using everything from fresh-cut flowers to dried blooms and unusual branches.

house flowers dried floral screen

Patina Soolip Garden Screen

From wedding ceremonies,



and centerpieces…

to buffets and walkways.

Farm Bill Screen

From commercial interior design…

Three Dots Screen with floral

cooks county full room

to adding a little sunshine anywhere!

Sunflower Screen

To order your Garden Screen, give us a call at 323-640-1590


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