Discovering the Amazing reDiscover Center

After piling up our twine, twist ties, rubber bands, and jelly jar lids for over-ambitious plans for craft projects, we realized we’re kinda too busy to do anything with the stuff… and we wanted to recycle it. That’s when we found the reDiscover Center!

20130921-121845.jpgThis place is awesome! They host craft projects for kids and adults alike, and promote creativity by reusing materials that would otherwise be considered waste — all of it donated materials.

You can take your recyclables to reDiscover Center on Saturday’s from 11am – 5pm.

We are happy to have reDiscover Center in our lives. Here are some photos of their cool shop and craft projects, courtesy of their website:


3167377982_4d2c6850e8_o 4526460069_e09772fc7e_o 4526460293_f1c898a401_o 4527090748_8ee85a5978_o 4527090806_32d5d4f456_o 2833975659_f3b71fea79_o

More information on reDiscover Center can be found here:


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