We’re makin’ wreaths over here!

gloves on

It’s that time of year — when we put the gloves back on — and we start making wreaths! 

It can get rough with all this spikey, gooey, sticky, pokey goodness — and we love it!

In Greco-Roman times, wreaths were displayed as an adornment to represent a person’s occupation, rank, achievements and status.  This makes perfect sense to us because we see a different personality in every wreath we create.

Wreath Wall red berry wreath wall blue berry

Whether understated…

30inch Twig Wreath


brambly wreath


ammo wreath 2011


Lambert Wreath

or traditional…

Levitan Wreath2

…every wreath is one-of-a-kind.

Pepper berry wreath

We use all sorts of textural ingredients to make the coolest holiday wreaths, such as pinecones, eucalyptus pods, silver and yellow bells, coffee bean, pepper berry, princess pine, juniper, noble, sumac, cedar, pomegranates, acacia and privet berry.

pine cone wreath

What’s your wreath say about your personality?

gloves on

wreath brown door

airplant, orange peels, pinecone wreath

harvest settingDogwood Pepper berry Wreath

Tavern Magnolia Wreath 2

We love making wreaths based on your original vision. Call us to order your custom wreath today! 323.640.1590


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