Feeling Drought Intolerant?

With the current drought emergency declared by governor Jerry Brown, Californians everywhere are taking shorter showers, watching their sprinklers, and holding back from hosing down driveways…and we’re glad to hear it!

We here at The Ranch have always been on a mission to conserve water — both with our in-house garden and our drought-friendly designs.

In fact, over the years, Clover’s many drought-conscious arrangements have been a big hit with our clients. Inspired by sustainable design practices, many of these arrangements feature an array of beautiful greens and succulents, dried ingredients, and gorgeous native California flowers.

The other thing about these arrangements: They last a really long time and they don’t drink too much…unlike some flowers we know!

BizBash and LA Times have both taken note of these Dandelion Ranch originals and our careful approach to water.  Thanks guys!

House flowers dried floral screen close up (2)

Water conservation isn’t a new trend, it’s a lifestyle that we should all follow. For a list of ways you can help, read HERE…and HERE.

If you want a custom, beautiful, long-lasting arrangement for your home or office that conserves water, give us a call today at (323) 640-1590.


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